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Packaging End of Life

here's how to get rid of the stuff I sent you


Re-use, Recycle, or Compost. If there are stamps or stickers on the box, they're compostable.


Recycle with paper. There's no plastic in this. It's also biodegradable, but supposedly not compostable.

Kraft Paper Shipper

These look like a cardboard pocket. They have a red plastic pull strip that is trash. Otherwise, compost or recycle.

Soap Wraps

Currently, the option here is trash since they have a plastic liner. :( I'm working on it.


Compost or trash. They're compostable stickers! 

Shipping Label

Compost or trash. Preferably compost with the box or brown bag.

Paper Crinkly Protecty stuff

Re-Use, Compost, or Recycle. Our cats like playing with them too.

Glass Bottle

Recycle it. Did you know that glass is infinitely recyclable?

Plastic Jar

Recycle it.

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